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I'm back!

Sorry about being away so long. Since my dad had a heart attack in October I haven't been keeping up on my blogging duties. I just wanted to mention what I'm up to nowadays. Design/Layout: I'm doing layout for "Earth Rangers" which is an online comic being published at Kodansha's Michao site: More info can also be found at: It's written and drawn by Kishira Akanuma, a talented young comic creator who has a unique vision and a huge interest in musicals, Takarazuka theater, and American Comics!! I did the logo and I also do the layout for the "splash page". I'm designing some "goods" for the "Next Stage: Hudson Dance Cup 2008". I designed the logo for the event which can be seen here: Illustration I'm working on some illustrations for a Tom and Jerry puzzle book. It will be out in March. It'