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Don't wait up!

Quick update: I've finally started Harry Potter 7. It's raining like crazy. I've registered to win tickets to the Japanese premiere of Grindhouse. I've finally sent out my thank you cards. My toe still hurts. Today's pic "going out" is one of the more detailed pieces you'll see. I tend to work more simply for the daily pics. G'night...


The Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature is to be released as 2 seperate movies here in Japan. Damn! So many reasons to wanna see 'em both! Guess I'll just have to shell out the yen... Today's pic is... Mr & Mrs. Kong. Let's congratulate the lucky couple! BTW my second cousin is getting married soon and I'd like to wish her a hearty congrats! Wish I could be there and see everybody!

Parry Hotter

I got Harry Potter 7 from Amazon on my birthday, but I couldn't remember what happened in 5 or 6. I finally went to see 5 the other day (I enjoyed it), and I'm about to finish up reading 6. Then I can finally jump in on 7. There something sad about finishing up a series you've enjoyed for so long. Stephen King's Dark Tower was especially hard to finish for that reason. I plan to re-reread them again after all the re-rewritten versions are out. Today's pic is Disco Werewolf. Werewolves are my favorite classic monsters. The instinct vs. reason dilemma intrigues me to no end. Tonight's moon was really nice BTW.

Lazy Day

Had a lazy day today. Been working on high gear for a while now. Guess I needed a break. Today's monster: "Chicken of the Sea".

100 Monsters

I've decided to start posting these monsters real time on my English blog. That means you'll be hearing from me a lot more! Like with the 100 Robots series I have posted here on comicspace , I've decided to start a new series "100 Monsters"! Here's the first: The Yoga Mummy Cheerz!!!

Gallery Show Report

Here is the report on my first solo art show. The Numbers 6 days 12 Tokyo Musume 12 Animahl Kingdom 9 100 Robot Series 33 pieces total 26 pieces sold [My favorite piece "wasuremono (forgotten something)"] 11 types of postcards for 150 yen each 17 types of pins for 200 yen each Total of 28 types [shoulda made more and earlier] 166 guests signed in 180 total approx? first customer Ms. Matsumoto, fellow artiste last Ms. Kawashima, fellow artiste My thoughts The gallery was great. Very expert advice and the gallery itself was very newbie-friendly. Many of the people who bought my pieces had never bought art, much less visited a gallery before. The good stuff And there's a lot of it! A bunch of people came. I met some new people and many people I haven't seen in a while. A lot of people wished me a happy b-day! It was my first time to sell my pieces and I sold pretty well (my prices being reasonable probably had a lot to do wit


I love stuff! And last night I stayed up making stuff for the last two days of the art show. Pins and postcards from the "Animahl Kingdom" series that I'm currently working on in my pic diary . I'm also working on making the series into a picture book. Still only about 6 pages in. I also thought I'd add some photos of the show in case you were curious. Of course you are! How could I ever doubt you!

Tokyo Musume

In just a few days my first solo exhibition will open in Tokyo. July 16th to my birthday July 21st. I'm very excited and more than a bit nervous. The theme is Tokyo Musume (Tokyo Girls) . I'll also display several works from the 100 robots series which I have up on comicspace . I'm also a complete wreck trying to complete a design job for a big publishing company (logo for an online comic) and the opening to a tv show for another big company all while trying to finish more artwork for the show. The pic you see here is the postcard/flyer for the show. Also is a larger view of the map. If you are in Japan, you can find Gallery House Maya very easily. At Gaienmae station, take Exit 3 and go straight to the cross signal. Cross and turn right. You should pass a Family Mart on the left. Take the first left. After about 3 minutes you should see Maya on your right. It's a small house/gallery flanked by two large bushes. The gallery requests that no one sends flowers, but genero