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The Greatest Books You've Never Read

Here's an infographic I made that talks about how certain forms of literature and art are victims of snobbery and elitism when they are just as valid as any other. When I get some time, I need to make a few edits and additions, but overall I'm pretty pleased with it.

A.J. Page single "Fireflies" art

Artwork for A.J. Page single "Fireflies" for which I also translated the lyrics into Japanese Singer/Songwriter AJ's HP: Hotaru

TCPA APAzine covers

Covers done for recent issues of Turbo-Charged Party Animal APAzine. My personal theme: Silent film horror Brigitte Helm, the stunning actress who starred in Metropolis The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, not to be confused with The Cabiner of Dr. Caligari a flick about rock-climbing Dr. Mabuse! Theda Bara, the original Film Femme Fatale

Recent fanzine art for Surprising Stories

Art for John Thiel's Surprising Stories  Found here: (latest ish!) here: and here: Scavenger  Desire, a Harlot Reversia Trauma Visitor from the North Doing Time I've been using different width art pens on gray and brown paper for some of these and ink and brush for others. There might be a digital one in there as well.