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The Greatest Books You've Never Read

Here's an infographic I made that talks about how certain forms of literature and art are victims of snobbery and elitism when they are just as valid as any other.

When I get some time, I need to make a few edits and additions, but overall I'm pretty pleased with it.

A.J. Page single "Fireflies" art

Artwork for A.J. Page single "Fireflies" for which I also translated the lyrics into Japanese Singer/Songwriter AJ's HP:

TCPA APAzine covers

Covers done for recent issues of Turbo-Charged Party Animal APAzine.
My personal theme: Silent film horror

Recent fanzine art for Surprising Stories

Art for John Thiel's Surprising Stories 
Found here: (latest ish!) here: and here:
I've been using different width art pens on gray and brown paper for some of these and ink and brush for others. There might be a digital one in there as well.