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Petit Death

This is a character idea I came up with recently.
I think he's pretty cute for a bringer of death.

I couldn't call him Petit Morte for perhaps not so obvious reasons.

This is P D with his horse, Pookie.

The Boogeyman

I was about 8 or 9 when I was introduced to Stephen King. A copy of Night Shift was on a neighbour's sofa and the cover intrigued me: a bandaged hand with eyes peering from every finger. I decided to pick it up and started reading. I liked several stories, but one particular story sticks with me even to this day - the story of Lester Billings and the mystery of his three children's untimely deaths. Each death followed by a closet door slightly ajar... I still can't stand to have doors that are just slightly ajar. And I still don't like dangling my feet over the edge of the bed. Mr. King, I salute you! You did your job well! 30 years of nightmares! and I love each and every one of 'em!

Next Trek

I was watching an ep of DS9 today- the one with the tribbles- and Worf mentions what happened to the Tribble homeworld. Then I came up with an idea for a gag strip. I also remembered that while at Worldcon, I viewed a "fan" film that guest-starred George Takei.
The writer and director of the piece talked about how he was pitching a Sulu show to Paramount. That completed my idea for a possible new Trek series.

I don't know how often I'll be doing these strips, but I will do them every once in a while.



Worldcon came to Japan and it was a blast!
Though this is the first time I've ever gone with the main purpose of helping my creative career by meeting people and getting advice and let the fanboy stuff come second. A close second I might add. I did get a lot of great advice from publishers and artists alike. One of my faves, Michael Whelan was especially helpful and I got to look at the originals of some of my favorite works!
The "fan" film Star Trek New Voyages with George Takei was amazingly good. I met a lot of interesting people at the parties. I showed my portfolio to as many people as possible. And I got some books signed and a few sketches from the pros. I also got to show my friend and co-conspirator Sonic what a con is like in the States. Overall a very good experience!