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hullo hullo! what's missing!?

yes, yes, yes... i got me a shave. gots to look more respectable and all! i'm doing some extra work to pay the bills and decided to lose the furface though i'll keep the ponytail... for now anyway. so as a result, i no longer look like the little dude on my business cards. i call him patobit and he is my representative in the digital realm. i've been neglecting him recently so i decided to get the little bugger a shave as well. i hope he appreciates all i go through for his little digi-butt. you may have noticed that i have disposed with all capitalization on this post. it is my subtle way to protest all the wrongs of the world promulgated by the capitalist elite propaganda machine. next post i will continue in my role as hapless cog of the machine. cog #5050873227380-003 as i'm known in the secret boardrooms of the oppressors. and remember free texas !!!