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If you're not watching Community, here are 10 reasons to be completely ashamed

[Note: Check This $#!% Out was originally a seperate blog but is now a feature of patokon blog ] 10. The music is crazy addictive. From the opening song to Vaughn's big hit "Getting Rid of Britta" to Abed and Troy's version of "Somewhere Out There". Here's a bit from the song "Night Caps". A teaser, if you will.  "All my boys and all my peeps. Yeah! All my boys and all my peeps. Yeah! All my boys and all my peeps  like to wear night caps when they go to sleep!" And it only gets better. I already bought the soundtrack on iTunes. 9. You love Chevy Chase. SNL. Caddyshack. National Lampoon's Vacation, Fletch. Funny Farm (yes, I said Funny Farm). He hasn't been this awesomely crazy in a long time. When he did his signature move in the Kickpuncher episode, I was so happy I peed a little.  8. You hate Chevy Chase. You will love hating him even more as Pierce Hawthor

Is 'Follow' the best word?

Spidey 50th Wobblehead and Old 52

To celebrate the new movie and the upcoming 50th anniversary of Spider-Man in August (and the movie this month), I created a new wobblehead design. I don't really know if anyone is interested in these. I make them for me and throw them into the ether on the off chance someone might like to make paper dolls whose heads shake when the earth moves. Here is what it looks like: The final hastily put-together in record time. And here's where you can download the pdf: I've continued to simplify the Wobblehead designs so that they can be assembled quickly. Here are some mini-wobbeheads that I made for the launch of DC's New 52 last year but didn't get around to finishing. Well, before I started ol' webhead here, I finished 'em up. I haven't had time to put any together so I'll just post what the pdf looks like. Superman, Batgirl, Animal Man. Batwoman, Frankenstein, Deadman, and OMAC. And here's