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New Emoticons! With more Emoti!!

I've created a series of emoticons based on the typical ones, except mine have noses. Revolutionary? Arguable. Mad genius?? Perhaps. Guy with a misplaced sense of priorities? Could be. I just prefer these to the original ones. They emote more. Here they are conveniently named for no good reason except that I'm attached to them and I've imagined they have personalities. For example, Vern's a bit of a know-it-all, Umberto's a conservative, Ned's a liberal, and Ozzie's a creative type, and Carl is a good-natured goof. The great thing about the first 5 guys is that they work in both directions. Don't ask me why that's a good thing, but it is. These are open source (is a horse of course) of course. Spread the seeds of emotirevolution! I'm adding an emoticomic at the end. :c)  Carl :v)  Vern :u)  Umberto :n) Ned :o) Ozzie :3) Trig :2) Deuce :Ω) Omar :Π) Pike :Λ) Larry :o(|) Boz :oB Bucky :o3 Bingo (:oθ Bubba :cφ  Carla :vφ  V