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10 Reasons Why Insecurity Doesn't Totally Suck

There are a lot of us out there who let our insecurities get the best of us. For some it's a matter of dealing with a niggling doubt now and then, for others it's a constant battle with 50-foot colossus of self-loathing. I grew up with it, shared bunk-beds and a toothbrush with it, and did my best to stake that bastard in the heart every chance I got, but recently I had an epiphany. Being isn't insecure isn't all bad. It may have fostered in me a fear of success, but it also made me sensitive to my surroundings and gave me a bend-over-backwards-type personality that makes me really good at pleasing others. Here is my list of ten reasons why insecurity doesn't completely suck. Please love me - I mean - I hope you like it. 1. Insecure people are eager to please - When you need constant love or validation, you tend to go try that much harder. Just like how the pretty people don't "put out," we DO put out - and we put out plenty. We let you skip First, Sec

Marvel Comics Wobbleheads Captain America & Conan

New Wobblehead papercraft. Captain America and Conan. Get Cap here . Get Conana here .

Spock Wobblehead papercraft

I grok Spock. Actually Scotty will always be my fave. I promised that I would make some Star Trek papercraft. I'll probably do some more of these. You can make Spock, too. Just download the pdf here .
My newest creation - based on Punchkinhead! I put together a wobblehead based on the book I wrote and edited with illustrations from 30 amazing Japanese artists. The book benefits the Holden's Hope charity for little Holden Underwood who suffers from Leukemia. Click here for the pdf: More info here: I wrote about it here as well: The book is available on createspace and amazon .

Yoda Papercraft

Here's a Yoda for ya. I wonder what I will make next? He's a little smaller cuz he's small... Click here to open pdf.

Papercraft Wobblehead Tooth Fairy

Been wanting to make some papercraft recently. This is what I came up with. Click on pic to download .pdf

Swipe-a-day 05: Black Jack & Pinoko

Tezuka is the master of clean clear simplicity. He's the one to study. I'm so unhappy with my attempt to swipe that I vow to practice more Tezuka until I get one I'm happy with.

Swipe-a-day 04: Dizzy

This is from the cover of 100 Bullets #30. Awesome series by the way. Hard-boiled heaven. Amazing dialog, gorgeous dames, every page and every panel a noir masterpiece.

Swipe-a-day 03: Kid Goon

A scene from Goon's origin story from The Goon v3 #1. Ain't he just the cutest thang!
Swipe-a-day 02: The Goon From The Goon: Chinatown. The woeful tale of a younger, relatively scar-free Goon. We finally learn why he never wants to talk about Chinatown.

Swipe-a-day #1: Scrooge McDuck

Swiped from duckbook World of the Dragonlords. I was happy with the pencils, not so much with the inks and less with the colors.

Comic Book Sound Effect Dictionary!

[Note: Check This $#!% Out was originally a seperate blog but is now a feature of patokon blog ] If you love comics, or merely find them curious, you're sure to be somewhat fascinated with one of the unique features of sequential art - sound effects. The curious thing is that the earliest SFX were based on words that were already based on sounds that the words' meanings represented. RING sounds like something ringing just as GONG sounds like you just banged a gong. Get your SFX fix by following @ComicBookSndFX for tweets of entries from the Comic Book Sound Effect Dictionary (coming soon) or you can follow the English - Japanese version @AmeComiSFX that was previously only available at Tokyo's Comiket. Just remember...KRA-KOW!! is more than a place in Poland.