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Me and the Moonies

Recently, I’ve been involved in discussions about the Church of Scientology’s involvement with the Writers of the Future awards. People who have benefitted from the awards which pay well and open new writers up to publishing opportunities mostly have positive to say about the Church members who organize the events and feel that as long as they weren’t pressured to join, then no harm done. This reminded me of my experience with another cult, the Unification Church (or “Moonies”) and I thought I’d share my experience and opinion.
Background: I grew up yearning for the answers to the questions that plague humankind (Why am I here? What happens when I die? Why can’t the professor just build a big boat so that everyone can get off Gilligan’s Island?). Most people I knew went to church for those answers, but my parents only visited churches when the grandparents were around – my dad was raised by Sunday school teachers and therefore hated church and my mom was excommunicated from the Catholic…