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You down with OTR? We down with OTR!

[Note: Check This $#!% Out was originally a seperate blog but is now a feature of patokon blog ] What is OTR? OTR is the most awesome thing ever! Remember the scene in "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie gets his secret decoder ring and can't wait to decode his first message? For my generation, listening to radio drama wasn't big on our list of entertainment, but seeing Ralphie decode that message (however disappointing) was kinda cool. Little did I know, years later I would become quite the fan of OTR (Old Time Radio). I guess it might have been just a matter of time since I had listened to a few recordings of The Inner Sanctum, which was always good for a scare, I was a fan of Bogart's Sam Spade early on, and I was already into comic strips from the thirties and forties. As I grew older I would try to catch reruns of Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, and other shows which I didn't even know had started on the radio. Well, thanks to the magic of the INTERNET, I b

A wonderful waste of time - Italian Spider-Man and Street Fighter: The Later Years

[Note: Check This $#!% Out was originally a seperate blog but is now a feature of patokon blog ] Random YouTube vids that are awesome. This is some good $#!%! Funny! And though ridiculous, I found myself clicking on every chapter! Street Fighter: The Later Years Where Zangief decides to restart the street fight tournament to get back his mojo. Chun Li was always my fave, but in this Guile steals the show. This is just too amazing. Italian Spider-Man It took me a while to realize it wasn't always real Italian. Because I'm a fan of Italian 70's flicks, this was a happy happy surprise. Shout out to Yojimbo for throwing this masterpiece my way. If you don't totally love this series, then you don't know how to enjoy a good crappy movie. A curse on you!

Recent updates

I've set up a blog for the collaboration between me and Yukitoshi Kono, a brilliant, dark, cute, and funny artist. The Sally & Sue blog. Also, the American Comics Exhibition site is updated (thanks Patrick G !) Also am trying to keep the " check this $#!% out! " blog as updated as possible! The character I created for this blog is now on display at Tokyo Big Site for the Tokyo Gift Show! I'll be there tomorrow all day, Thurs and Friday from about 5. Here's a load of $#!% just for you!

Werewolf Kings - Chaney and Naschy

[Note: Check This $#!% Out was originally a seperate blog but is now a feature of patokon blog ] Since I was a little, little kid, I was fascinated by monsters. I don't know what touched it off, but being scared was one of my favorite pastimes. I realized early on that of all the classic monsters, The Wolfman was my favorite. Lon Chaney, Jr. , son of make-up master "Man of a Thousand Faces" Lon Sr. , played Larry Talbot, a poor sunovagun who... you know the story. He gets all hairy and loses all reason, acting only on primal urges. Hey! Just like puberty ! Frankenstein's monster was butt-ugly , Dracula was evil (and old ), but Wolfie was a sympathetic character much like the Hulk , who struggles with the awful realization that he might be a vicious blood-thirsty killer. Also, he was cool!! If I had to choose which character to play, would I want to be stoo-pid monster, aloof and snooty vampire, or wild animal-man? Let me think... oh yeah, WILD MAN!!!!! But that&#

Don't let the world beat Scott Pilgrim!

[Note: Check This $#!% Out was originally a seperate blog but is now a feature of patokon blog ] I'm hoping that "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" doesn't disappear from theaters quite yet. I love the premise - guy must defeat all seven of girl's exes in order to win her hand. I love Michael Cera, Dork Genius. I love the idea that the film lives in a comic-booky, 80's nintendo-ey world where sound effects and old school emoticons run rampant and where (according to the director) people break into fight scenes instead of musical numbers to express emotion. I live in Japan so I'm not sure when I'm gonna see it, but I already tried the game and it was the $#!%. I'm more of a board gamer/role-player kinda guy, but I used to rock an Atari 2600 and though I have a Wii, I'll never forget my old nintendo famicon. I almost bought one last week in Aki ( akihabara , the otaku mecca sometimes known as Akiba, but actually really truly pronounced Aki