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A wonderful waste of time - Italian Spider-Man and Street Fighter: The Later Years

[Note: Check This $#!% Out was originally a seperate blog but is now a feature of patokon blog]

Random YouTube vids that are awesome.
This is some good $#!%!

Funny! And though ridiculous, I found myself clicking on every chapter!
Street Fighter: The Later Years
Where Zangief decides to restart the street fight tournament to get back his mojo. Chun Li was always my fave, but in this Guile steals the show.

This is just too amazing.
Italian Spider-Man
It took me a while to realize it wasn't always real Italian.

Because I'm a fan of Italian 70's flicks, this was a happy happy surprise. Shout out to Yojimbo for throwing this masterpiece my way. If you don't totally love this series, then you don't know how to enjoy a good crappy movie. A curse on you!


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