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Art Exhibition - "Fighting!" @ Bartok Gallery

My next exhibition is called "Fighting!" and is at the Bartok Gallery in Ginza.
It is a group show where everyone has been involved in the martial arts.
We have wrestlers, kendoists, judoists, karateka, aikidoists, and myself - - secret ninja master.

I have produced all original pieces and digital prints will be sold.

Oct. 5 (Fri) to 11 (Thu) [closed Sunday]
11:30 - 18:00 (last day -17:00)
@ Bartok Gallery
1st Floor Ginza Tahei Bldg (銀座太平ビル)
1-18-2 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Kozo Taya
Tom Clouseau
Patrik Washburn
Sachie WatabeAccess:
*Tokyo Metro
**Ginza Line:
Ginza St. Exit A13 (8 min.)
Kyobashi Exit 2 (6 min.)
**Yurakucho Line:
Ginza Icchome Exit 7 (4 min.)
Shintomicho Exit 2 (4 min.)
**Hibiya Line:
Higashi Ginza (10 min.)
Hacchobori Exit A3 (8 min.)
*Toei Asakusa Line: Takaracho Exit A1 (1 min.)

I'll be there on the 5th, 6th, and 11th so come one come all!

Petit Death

This is a character idea I came up with recently.
I think he's pretty cute for a bringer of death.

I couldn't call him Petit Morte for perhaps not so obvious reasons.

This is P D with his horse, Pookie.

The Boogeyman

I was about 8 or 9 when I was introduced to Stephen King. A copy of Night Shift was on a neighbour's sofa and the cover intrigued me: a bandaged hand with eyes peering from every finger. I decided to pick it up and started reading. I liked several stories, but one particular story sticks with me even to this day - the story of Lester Billings and the mystery of his three children's untimely deaths. Each death followed by a closet door slightly ajar... I still can't stand to have doors that are just slightly ajar. And I still don't like dangling my feet over the edge of the bed. Mr. King, I salute you! You did your job well! 30 years of nightmares! and I love each and every one of 'em!

Next Trek

I was watching an ep of DS9 today- the one with the tribbles- and Worf mentions what happened to the Tribble homeworld. Then I came up with an idea for a gag strip. I also remembered that while at Worldcon, I viewed a "fan" film that guest-starred George Takei.
The writer and director of the piece talked about how he was pitching a Sulu show to Paramount. That completed my idea for a possible new Trek series.

I don't know how often I'll be doing these strips, but I will do them every once in a while.



Worldcon came to Japan and it was a blast!
Though this is the first time I've ever gone with the main purpose of helping my creative career by meeting people and getting advice and let the fanboy stuff come second. A close second I might add. I did get a lot of great advice from publishers and artists alike. One of my faves, Michael Whelan was especially helpful and I got to look at the originals of some of my favorite works!
The "fan" film Star Trek New Voyages with George Takei was amazingly good. I met a lot of interesting people at the parties. I showed my portfolio to as many people as possible. And I got some books signed and a few sketches from the pros. I also got to show my friend and co-conspirator Sonic what a con is like in the States. Overall a very good experience!
Le Fantome Of the Opera. Cool mask! Lon Chaney Sr. was the best looking one!

What did H.P. see?

I'm pretty sure that H.P. Lovecraft, creator of the evil book Necronomicon and the Cthulhu mythos, actually saw into another world. As I read his books, I feel myself being drawn into that world, and I fear that I might not escape. Such is the power of Lovecraft's imagery. His character's are amazingly real and often irredeemable bastards. Going by his books, you definitely get the impression that H.P. was qute the racist. Many books I've read from that period express similar sentiments. It's often hard to deal with such things. I've known people I've thought to be good and decent, but have hatred or fear of people of other backgrounds. I've been told to hate the sin, not the sinner. And that's what I try to do.

fran the man

Here is Mr. F. Monster getting ready for the Scare-a-lympics.

I'm collaborating with an artist I've met recently in creating a monster comic for young-uns. We're still in development, but hopefully in a few days I can show you what we're working on.

a note

I also wanted to mention that I started a fandomain blog in Japanese, if you'd like to check it out.
I'll be uploading "fan" art of superheroes there.

Comic Market Report

So Comic Market 72 went very well for us. We sold out of every issue of Fandomain 7 and every copy of the Sound Effect Dictionary. I think our location was good, there was a lot of traffic. The display was simple but eye-catching (Mayumi's idea). And I think a lot of people were wondering about Marvel's Civil War. Let's hope they are just as curious about World War Hulk, cuz that's our next main feature.

Was it worth losing all that sleep? HELL, YES!!
Now it's back to the grind!

Almost forgot!
New pic diary pic! I remember when there was a monster movie marathon on while we were visiting Grandma in St. Lou. I can't remember how old I was, but I do remember that "The Blob" was gonna be on and I really wanted to see it. The movie theater scene was the bestest! Thass sum scary stuff!!

Comic Market Tomorrow!

Just wanted to mention that the new issue of fandomain is out and we'll also be selling the American Comic Sound Effect Dictionary at Comic Market tomorrow Aug. 18th. If you have the time or inclination, stop by! The place is Tokyo Big Sight. The fandomain booth is East Hall, Row K, Booth 47.


SO! You ask... What the heck is kurukuru kamishibai?
It's an adaptation of traditional Japanese storytelling.
Where traditionally you have a box and a number of picture cards you use as you tell the story,
kurukuru (spinspin) kami (paper) shibai (performance) uses a long roll of paper and a box with handles that you turn to advance the paper. I've made 4 stories so far and I plan to show off a new one at the show starting on Wednesday.
The ones I'm making are mini-sized for the smaller boxes.

To get to the gallery, just get out Takeshita exit in Harajuku, cross the street , turn left and go up the hill. The gallery is on the right.

2007 kurukurukamishibai exhibition 3
Location: As every year at the Harajuku Sekiun Gallery.
From: August 15th (Wed) ~ 28th (Tue) 11:00~19:00 (~28th ~17:00)
Harajuku Sekiun Gallery
1st Fl Sankyuu Bldg.
Jingumae1-19-14, Shibuya

日時:2007年8月15日(水)~27日(月) 時間:11:00~1…

Comic Market

I have a week left to prepare for Comic Market and more than half to finish!
And of COURSE I have two jobs due this week. I don't how I do it, but I manage to get my self into crunch after crunch...
And somehow I get through without ulcers or pulling out my hair. I do get a bit snippy, though!

Today's monster is a character I created for my first gallery exhibition: Count Pumpkin!
Today's drawing time: 1 hour 40 minutes.


Not that there are a lot of cyclops in film to begin with, but it's hard to beat Ray Harryhausen's from 7th Voyage of Sindbad.

daily pics continue!

The most tragic love story: The Hunchback of Notre Dame!
Poor Q! BTW, the comic project I am working on is moving right along with good response from the publisher. I'm the writer and I'm working with a talented guy named Y. Kohno to do the art. I hope to put up some sneak peeks soon!


Sad ghostie.
I feel like going to an actual haunted house.
And spend the night. And get scared out of my frickin' gourd.
Just one of those moods.


There's just something about a woman in red...

It took me some time to complete today's illo.
I went through an episode of the BBC "The Office", an ep. of "Freedom" (animated show by the creator of Akira), and an ep and a half of Star Trek: DS9.

For a daily pic diary, I'm taking just way too much time!
But, I can't help it! It's too much fun!!
Here's my tribute to Plan 9 From Outer Space. Both Tor and Vampira are just too cool.

awww, mannn!!!

The K-1 event that took place in Hong Kong had some great KOs,
but poor Musashi was kicking ass until he got his nuts kicked and kicked again. Man! That's why they shouldn't let amateurs fight! Grrr... I hope they fine the bastards $10,000 for each nut that was kicked.

There is a special reason that I root for Musa, but I can't really talk about it online. Let's just say, he's help me get some good exposure.

Since I was gone a few days, I made a series of three pics. Nosferatu. Or should it be Nosferathree. The first vampire flick. Good stuff! The movie about (kind of) the movie "Shadow of the Vampire" is pretty good itself!

Hmmm... I wonder

"I wonder what's inside..."

"Heeeelp meeeee!"

Just got back from vacation!
Had me some fun. Finished about 3/4 of Harry Potter 7.
Got some sun. A few bug bites.
Now I'm watching some eps of Monk that I taped.
Good stuff.

Ever seen the old Ellery Queen show?
They give you the clues so that if you're sharp you should be able to figure out who the bad guy is. Isn't that cool?
Had an episode of Columbo on when I flipped on the tube.
Johnny Cash was in it. The guy could act!

Ok, shut up. Monk is back on.


Got some really good news yesterday about a project I'm working on.
Unfortunately I can only hint about my involvement. I'll throw up some slightly incriminating pics in a few days...

Until then, I have another meeting with Kodansha (3rd largest publisher in Japan) about some more work. Fingers crossed everybody.

Today's pic:
Speedy McFlash, the sporty death.

Don't wait up!

Quick update:

I've finally started Harry Potter 7.

It's raining like crazy.

I've registered to win tickets to the Japanese premiere of Grindhouse.

I've finally sent out my thank you cards.

My toe still hurts.

Today's pic "going out" is one of the more detailed pieces you'll see. I tend to work more simply for the daily pics.



The Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature is to be released as 2 seperate movies here in Japan.
Damn! So many reasons to wanna see 'em both! Guess I'll just have to shell out the yen...

Today's pic is...
Mr & Mrs. Kong.
Let's congratulate the lucky couple! BTW my second cousin is getting married soon and I'd like to wish her a hearty congrats! Wish I could be there and see everybody!

Parry Hotter

I got Harry Potter 7 from Amazon on my birthday, but I couldn't remember what happened in 5 or 6. I finally went to see 5 the other day (I enjoyed it), and I'm about to finish up reading 6. Then I can finally jump in on 7. There something sad about finishing up a series you've enjoyed for so long. Stephen King's Dark Tower was especially hard to finish for that reason. I plan to re-reread them again after all the re-rewritten versions are out.

Today's pic is Disco Werewolf. Werewolves are my favorite classic monsters. The instinct vs. reason dilemma intrigues me to no end. Tonight's moon was really nice BTW.

Lazy Day

Had a lazy day today.
Been working on high gear for a while now.
Guess I needed a break.

Today's monster: "Chicken of the Sea".

100 Monsters

I've decided to start posting these monsters real time on my English blog. That means you'll be hearing from me a lot more!
Like with the 100 Robots series I have posted here on comicspace, I've decided to start a new series "100 Monsters"!

Here's the first:
The Yoga Mummy


Gallery Show Report

Here is the report on my first solo art show.

The Numbers

6 days

12 Tokyo Musume
12 Animahl Kingdom
9 100 Robot Series
33 pieces total
26 pieces sold [My favorite piece "wasuremono (forgotten something)"]

11 types of postcards for 150 yen each
17 types of pins for 200 yen each
Total of 28 types [shoulda made more and earlier]

166 guests signed in
180 total approx?
first customer Ms. Matsumoto, fellow artiste
last Ms. Kawashima, fellow artiste

My thoughts
The gallery was great. Very expert advice and the gallery itself was very newbie-friendly. Many of the people who bought my pieces had never bought art, much less visited a gallery before.

The good stuff
And there's a lot of it!
A bunch of people came.
I met some new people and many people I haven't seen in a while.
A lot of people wished me a happy b-day!
It was my first time to sell my pieces and I sold pretty well (my prices being reasonable probably had a lot to do with that).
I gotta lotta wine (very nice wine …


I love stuff! And last night I stayed up making stuff for the last two days of the art show.

Pins and postcards from the "Animahl Kingdom" series that I'm currently working on in my pic diary. I'm also working on making the series into a picture book. Still only about 6 pages in.

I also thought I'd add some photos of the show in case you were curious. Of course you are! How could I ever doubt you!

Tokyo Musume

In just a few days my first solo exhibition will open in Tokyo. July 16th to my birthday July 21st.

I'm very excited and more than a bit nervous.
The theme is Tokyo Musume (Tokyo Girls) . I'll also display several works from the 100 robots series which I have up on comicspace.

I'm also a complete wreck trying to complete a design job for a big publishing company (logo for an online comic) and the opening to a tv show for another big company all while trying to finish more artwork for the show.

The pic you see here is the postcard/flyer for the show. Also is a larger view of the map. If you are in Japan, you can find Gallery House Maya very easily. At Gaienmae station, take Exit 3 and go straight to the cross signal. Cross and turn right. You should pass a Family Mart on the left. Take the first left. After about 3 minutes you should see Maya on your right. It's a small house/gallery flanked by two large bushes.
The gallery requests that no one sends flowers, but generous …

what is it with my luck?

So here I am, the third time in a month back in L.A. and they have a Star Wars convention going on right down the street. Super Jedi-geek that I am, I found myself shelling out green for green. Meaning I bought two autographs, one of Greedo, one of Kit Fisto- both green characters. Both of the guys who play those characters were pretty cool. I was amazed at how many people they had there to sign autographs. Even had they guy that said "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
Also ran into a guy I knew from Atlanta waaaaaay back. A guy that sells fan merch. Got a t-shirt of him that says "Frack me". If you get this reference, you get a special no-prize. One of the first autographs I ever got was of Richard Hatch. It was at a car show and I asked him what frak and felgercarb meant. He said something like, "I'll have to tell you after the show." I knew he was kidding, but I was kinda hoping...

Next time, I'll publish a report on the Design…

"Dream 2007" exhibition

From Sunday, May 27th to Saturday, June 9th I will be participating in the "Dream 2007" exhibition at Gallery Kopis in Kiyosumi-shirakawa.
#note: The gallery will be closed May 29th and June 5th#

I will have one small piece (sample on the right)displayed throughout the whole exhibition and a large piece displayed from June 3rd to June 9th.

I will be making appearances on May 27th and June 9th with more possible appearances on the 6th, 7th or 8th.

Details in Japanese:

Map (it's on the same block as exit A3, just go out the exit and follow around to the left):

If you are in the area and have any trouble finding the place, gimme a ring or mail my phone.

Design Festa

This Saturday, May 26th at Tokyo Big Sight, my creative team Giant Leap Creations will be selling GLC-related goods and will also do performance art (emphasis on the art).
GLC members:
Patrik (leader/designer)
marbee (illustrator/layout)
KK (animator/programmer)
SONIC (illustrator/designer)

Sat. May 26th 11am to 7pm (Design Festa runs for 2 days, but GLC will only be there Sat.)

Tokyo Big Sight
GLC Booth: 4th Floor, West 4 Hall, Booth C+ -857

Design Festa HP:

If you're in Tokyo, stop on by!

Trip to Trippy Land

Yes, I took a quick trip to L.A. or as they say in Japan "Los", and I was able to visit the Los Angeles ComicBook and Science Fiction Convention where I was able to meet Rutger Hauer and have him sign his new book for me! Yes, the picture is crap, but I was happy as hell to meet this intense actor who has been in a whole mess of my favorite movies! Also learned about his AIDS awareness activities including his Starfish Association, and I was happy to donate $10 and get a signed pic for a friend back here who is sick.

Also came across this interesting mail box.
So, what else have I been up to? An animation that my team put together for the hip hop mag The Source (Japan) was screened last night at the club Shibuya Harlem (yeah, don't ask). It's always nice when you can see your work up on a big screen with more than just your friends and family watching. We'll be screening this short along with some others at the end of this month at the Design Festa, a big art conve…