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IlloFri "late"

New Illustration Friday Illo.
"I'm late! I'm late! And I don't even have a date!"
I need to be finishing up my preperation for the Tokyo Contents Market starting Monday, but doing the Illustration Friday every week keeps me drawing!

Other news: I may be moving soon, so we' ve been looking at places. Found a really cool fixer-upper in Kugayama. We love the area so it's a definite possibility.

Illustration Friday "strings"

This is my first Illustration Friday submission.
Since my homepage is finally up and running, I felt it was time to get some of my stuff out there.
The second I learned this week's theme "strings", my mind instantly said 'bondage'.
Okay, I was just as surprised as you, but anyway, cute animals in distress is always a good way to start a story.

October Exhibitions!

Yes! I have a busy October coming up!
Besides starting a new class at the French School, I have two exhibitions and a special event that I'll be involved with.

- SIMONETTA Exhibition
- Mystery Exhibition
- Tokyo Contents Market 2008


What: SIMONETTA (translates as 'dirty jokes' or 'ribald humor') - group art exhibition

When: Sun. October 5 to Sat. Oct. 11 (Gallery is closed Tue. Oct. 7)
12:00am to 7:00pm (Opening day from 2pm, Closing day until 5pm)

+++I'll be there Sun., Oct. 5, and Thur. Oct. 9th+++

Where: Gallery Kopis (Japanese)
1-2-12-1 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021 ph:03-5639-2381

Who: It's a group show including ANAN, namy, and Tom Clouseau from the Movies Exhibition and also Hidemitsu Taya, Yukitoshi Kono, Black Kuma-san, who I've done shows with before and others I haven't. There will be some neato stuff golly for sure!

I'll have posters, prints, …