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podcast, music videos, underwear and zen

*It's a Marvel Geekout! New podcast over at Tim Young's Deconstructing Comics . We discuss Marvel's latest crossover Dark Reign and deal with some general goofiness. Other good podcasts here as well with Tim and guests. *Been animating music videos for acoustic group Kirazuki . Good stuff. here is a frame from "Elmore" by Kirazuki *Been designing undies with a retro SF motif. Funfunfun. More on this later. *Had a booth at the Tokyo Animation Fair with my Artist Army buds. *Fresh off of two art exhibitions in Ginza and Tokyo City Hall. *And I'm about to move to the country. Well, out of the city anyway. Fresh mountain air, plenty of room, and we're gonna get a doggie! *The good part about being so busy is that I'm getting more work. The bad part is that I haven't done any kind of promotion! Grrrrr! My next show isn't until May, so I should be settled in by then. I'll have my promotion plan put together by then as well. Maybe I'll even