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Showing posts from July, 2013

Daily Sketch - "Space Trouble!"

I had a great 2 days of work (got all my $#!% done) and finished off this sketch that I'm really happy with on the train ride home. Just in time for the weekend! I also started a group on Facebook open to anyone who wants to take the Daily Sketch Challenge! - Patrick Ijima-Washburn @patokon

Daily Sketch - Hero Boy 7 in the depths

I'm starting to like this kid.

Daily Sketch - Hero Boy 7 vs. Quetzalcoatl

HB7: Justice is blind and so are you! BEAM OF JUDGEMENT!! Q: (Curse you, Hero Boy 7!!)

Daily Sketch - Hero Boy 7

Hero from the 7th Dimension! What? Who? When? Why? How? Stay tuned to the static on your rabbit-eared set!

Samwise Inkbrush Sketch

I did this piece when I was in Kumamoto a while back after rewatching the first LotR film.