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My illustration featured in Lovecraft Zine!

Check out my illustration for "The Last Leaves" by Derek Wentz!

Black Sabbath Japan Ltd. Ed. T-shirt design

This was designed for Black Sabbath Ressurection and Lone Ones fashion brand originally based in Aoyama. Design was approved by the O man himself. 

Musashi Team T-shirt "Dragon" design

I designed this shirt for K-1 fighter Musashi some years ago. 

The Greatest Books You've Never Read

Here's an infographic I made that talks about how certain forms of literature and art are victims of snobbery and elitism when they are just as valid as any other.

When I get some time, I need to make a few edits and additions, but overall I'm pretty pleased with it.

A.J. Page single "Fireflies" art

Artwork for A.J. Page single "Fireflies" for which I also translated the lyrics into Japanese Singer/Songwriter AJ's HP:

TCPA APAzine covers

Covers done for recent issues of Turbo-Charged Party Animal APAzine.
My personal theme: Silent film horror

Recent fanzine art for Surprising Stories

Art for John Thiel's Surprising Stories 
Found here: (latest ish!) here: and here:
I've been using different width art pens on gray and brown paper for some of these and ink and brush for others. There might be a digital one in there as well.

Comic art: El Muerto Jr.

I thought I would share some of the artwork (sans dialog) I did for the Silver Skull book available here. This is the story of El Muerto Jr., son of a great luchadore and secret super hero.

Review "Housebound" (2014) NZ

I know tons of people who outright hate horror movies and tons of those who dismiss them or never bother watching them. Well "Housebound" (2014) now on Netflix is one of those movies that shouldn't be dismissed. 
My advice is to stop reading this now - especially if you're the kind of person that easily discovers spoilers in non-spoiler reviews - and just go watch this work of art. But if you still need convincing, read on.  Besides having some real creepy scares and a bit of "in your face" blood & gore (just a bit) this flick has a great story, a perfect plot, wonderful characters - including the main character - a hard case juvie that's given up on the world, a security guy who's a part-time paranormal investigator, and especially - well, I don't want to give away anything. Let's just say that every character has some great moments that make you smile, laugh out loud, or even cry - yes, cry! Okay. Now quickly go rent or buy your copy of t…

See 50 Shades of Gray for FREE

Here you are.

You're welcome.