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what is it with my luck?

So here I am, the third time in a month back in L.A. and they have a Star Wars convention going on right down the street. Super Jedi-geek that I am, I found myself shelling out green for green. Meaning I bought two autographs, one of Greedo, one of Kit Fisto- both green characters. Both of the guys who play those characters were pretty cool. I was amazed at how many people they had there to sign autographs. Even had they guy that said "These aren't the droids you're looking for." Also ran into a guy I knew from Atlanta waaaaaay back. A guy that sells fan merch. Got a t-shirt of him that says "Frack me". If you get this reference, you get a special no-prize. One of the first autographs I ever got was of Richard Hatch. It was at a car show and I asked him what frak and felgercarb meant. He said something like, "I'll have to tell you after the show." I knew he was kidding, but I was kinda hoping... Next time, I'll publish a report on the Desig

"Dream 2007" exhibition

From Sunday, May 27th to Saturday, June 9th I will be participating in the "Dream 2007" exhibition at Gallery Kopis in Kiyosumi-shirakawa. #note: The gallery will be closed May 29th and June 5th# I will have one small piece (sample on the right)displayed throughout the whole exhibition and a large piece displayed from June 3rd to June 9th. I will be making appearances on May 27th and June 9th with more possible appearances on the 6th, 7th or 8th. Details in Japanese: Map (it's on the same block as exit A3, just go out the exit and follow around to the left): = If you are in the area and have any trouble finding the place, gimme a ring or mail my phone.

Design Festa

This Saturday, May 26th at Tokyo Big Sight, my creative team Giant Leap Creations will be selling GLC-related goods and will also do performance art (emphasis on the art). Details: GLC members: Patrik (leader/designer) marbee (illustrator/layout) KK (animator/programmer) SONIC (illustrator/designer) Date/Time: Sat. May 26th 11am to 7pm (Design Festa runs for 2 days, but GLC will only be there Sat.) Place: Tokyo Big Sight GLC Booth: 4th Floor, West 4 Hall, Booth C+ -857 Design Festa HP: GLC HP If you're in Tokyo, stop on by!

Trip to Trippy Land

Yes, I took a quick trip to L.A. or as they say in Japan "Los", and I was able to visit the Los Angeles ComicBook and Science Fiction Convention where I was able to meet Rutger Hauer and have him sign his new book for me! Yes, the picture is crap, but I was happy as hell to meet this intense actor who has been in a whole mess of my favorite movies! Also learned about his AIDS awareness activities including his Starfish Association , and I was happy to donate $10 and get a signed pic for a friend back here who is sick. Also came across this interesting mail box. So, what else have I been up to? An animation that my team put together for the hip hop mag The Source (Japan) was screened last night at the club Shibuya Harlem (yeah, don't ask). It's always nice when you can see your work up on a big screen with more than just your friends and family watching. We'll be screening this short along with some others at the end of this month at the Design Festa , a big art