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The Mighty Boosh

I'm hooked on this BBC4 show called The Mighty Boosh.
My friend S-ko let me borrow her DVDs and I became an instant convert to the the Church of Boosh.

Check out this scene where the Boosh become hippies.

"Yeti Magic"
Parsley:Follow me.
Forget the world.
Look around at the wonders of nature.
Never fear everything is here,
And you don't need your friends or family...
We're your family.
Come with me and then you will see everything you need within life.
Hey, ho! It's easy letting go,When nothing before was real.
Look into our eyes, you can see the future.
Look into our eyes, we can see your soul.
We will be together...Everything is good here.

Vince: He's gone wrong!
Naboo: I know! He's in a trance! It's all part of the ritual.
It's what they do before they breed with ya.
Vince: What's Bollo doing?
Naboo: Oh, he's gone too!
Listen, Vince. This is yeti magic. Don't listen to the hippie nonsense.
You're a punk. Stay punk. Think of Johnny Thunders. Mick and Keith. Block it out.
Vince: Okay. What about you?
Naboo: Don't worry about me. I'm a shaman. My mind's like a fortress.

Naboo: Listen to your heart. Everything is good here.
Bollo: Nothing before was real.
Parsley: Never fear, everything is here.
Bollo: And you don't need your friends...
Parsley: Or family...
Vince: Parsley:
Listen to your heart. Hey, ho!
Everything is good here. It's easy letting go.
We are family!
Bollo: We are family!
Vince: Look into our eyes, you can see the future.
Parsley: Look into our eyes, we can see your soul.
Everyone: Hey, ho! It's easy letting go,
When nothing before was real.
Listen to your heart. Everything is good here.
Nothing before was real.
Listen to your heart. Everything is good here.
Listen to your heart. Everything is good...

Ahh. Good stuff. Crazy days. Reminds me of the time... Oh that's a different story.


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